If You Give Me Ten Minutes In The Morning And 30 Minutes In The Evening, I Will Give You The Best English Of Your Life In Just 28 Days. Guaranteed. 

Students who use Mr. Vig’s revolutionary new at-home learning system report an immediate improvement in their English… between 1 to 3 levels, on average… and they do it WITHOUT boring schools and rules. Here’s how…

  Dear English student,

     Does any of this sound familiar?

            "My younger colleagues speak better English than me."
            “My children speak English better than me.” 

            “I’ve studied English for years and still can’t speak.”

            “I’m afraid to speak. I’m embarrassed by my accent. 

            "I make stupid mistakes.” 

     Like them, chances are you've probably tried other methods of learning. 

     And you’re here because they didn’t work.

     Now you need something different...

     Something that doesn’t take too much time…

     Something that doesn’t cost too much…

     Something you can do from home on your own schedule...

     And most importantly, something that works - and works quickly!

     That's why I created...

Mr. Vig's Secret Society is the only English training program built exclusively for adults. 

And it works...

"Dear Mr. Vig, After 30 days of religiously following your methods, I have this awesome transformation both in speaking and writing. Now I'm having fun with it!”

Nelson R.

"Hey Mr. Vig, Thank you!
The method is working! So, this is perfect idea how to learn a language. I am glad to know you.”

Simona Blajan
Constanta, Romania 

"I'm so pleasantly surprised by my progress, that I don't know what could I say. The most important thing for me is that I found out new many different and amazing ways of learning English and I like it. It's fun, untraditional and it works. I have new habits that make me feel confident and disciplined about learning."

Hubavina Iapadjieva
Sofia, Bulgaria
     I've helped more than 100,000 students in 108 countries improve their English.

    So don't believe anyone who tells you that you can't do this.

     You are not “too old.” 

     You are not missing some “talent for languages.”  

     You are not lazy or stupid… 

     You see, because you already learned your native language, that means you can learn English. That part of your brain never went away.

     The problem in the past was simply your methods. 

     They weren’t made for communication; they were made for children to pass tests. 
     Did you know that the translation method you used in school was first used in the Middle East 5,000 years ago? 

     Did you know the classroom and modern textbook were invented by the Czech philosopher, Jan Comenius (born 1592)?

     Did you know the memorization method you used in school to pass tests was also used by Catholic monks in the Dark Ages to learn Latin? 

     All these methods were designed a LONG time ago for children who have lots of free time and only need to pass tests.

     But you’re not a child. You don’t have lots of free time. And you don’t need to get a good grade to show your parents.

    You need to communicate. 

     For more career opportunities. For travel. For confidence. For a better life. 

     You need a step-by-step approach. Explained clearly and simply. 

     And you need it now. 

     It’s time to finally learn English the correct way — the ADULT way.  
"Dear Mr. Vig, The past 30 days were a success for me. My understanding is improving, also my speaking is better than before the last 30 days. And about my confidence, I think it is also better than before your English fluency training.”—Dragica Gorgieva, Skopje, Macedonia                                                                                                                                                       
"Unusual Progress"
"I really enjoyed learning English with you and I feel that I made some unusual progress." Hamid A., Kuwait City, Kuwait                                                                                                                                                       

Your Biggest English Headaches — FIXED in 28 days!

     When you join The Society, you begin right away with a 28-day quick-start training program designed to fix the most common problems English students like you face.   

  • “I’m afraid to speak.” That's normal. For years your teachers corrected you and the goal was perfection. Now of course you're shy to speak. But instead of focusing on learning more useless grammar rules, I've got a much better - and faster! - solution.
  • “I forget words while speaking.” Studying words (like you did in school) is for short-term memory. You'll practise techniques proven to keep words in your head forever.
  • ​“I'm bad at grammar.” Good news! According to research from Singapore the fastest way to learn grammar is NOT by studying grammar. I'll show you what you need to do instead.
  • ​“My speaking is slow and not fluent.” Learn the secret to thinking in English. When you make this small switch, you begin to speak more like a native speaker because you’ll actually be thinking in English. 
  • ​“I hate my accent.” This is the only course I’m aware of that teaches the truth about accents. Stop doing stupid tongue exercises in the mirror! Because if you want to be understood, there’s something more important than your accent. And I show you the simple method of how to improve it. 
  • “I make mistakes.” Fact: Everyone makes mistakes. But the students who learn fastest are also the students who care the least about their mistakes. Let me show you the courage that’s already inside you. Soon you’ll be speaking more, and your mistakes will begin to disappear as if by magic.
  • “I can’t understand native speakers.” Here’s a simple exercise that takes 3 to 5 minutes a day and trains your ears to finally understand fast-talking native speakers. Never again will you have to say the most embarrassing sentence in English: "Can you repeat that?"
After you fix these problems in the 28-day quick start training, it's time to practise your new skills... 

Then In Month Two Keep Going - ONLY If You Want EVEN STRONGER English

     English is like fitness. When you stop exercising, that’s when you start to get fat. And when you stop using your English, that’s when you start to forget it. And we don’t want that! As we say in English, “Use it or lose it!”

     For Society members, this is easy. Not only will you know exactly what you need to do every day, you'll have all the materials you need. So month after month, day after day, we’ll continue to make your English better, stronger and smarter.

     Here’s how:
"Quicker Than Before"
"I have obtained good results using your method!! I’m better and I feel happy because I’m learning English quicker than before. Last week I had to speak by phone in English with three different customers and they understood me!! I feel more confidence and wanna continue to learn.”—Jaime F., Venezuala                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Smart Words Daily Lessons

     Smart Words Daily Lessons are like multi-vitamins for your English.

    Each lesson is specially designed to give you the maximum English in the shortest amount of time. 

     In just one lesson, you learn new words, new pronunciation, and a new way to help you finally understand fast-talking native speakers.  

     And you don't need a lot of time! Each lesson is designed to be flexible, so you can improve if you have five minutes or twenty five minutes. 

    Every morning a new lesson is waiting for you inside the members' area. No more wasted time searching online for a good English lesson. 

Then Jump Over To Our Private, Members-Only Group, Practice New Words & Chat With Other Members

     When is the best time to practice a new word?

     Immediately after you learn it. 

     Now it's easy to do that. 

     As soon as you learn the word of the day in the daily lesson, jump over to The Practice Lounge (our private Facebook group) and use the word immediately. This is the key to locking it into your long-term memory and making the word active so you can use it in your next conversation. Plus, you also get to practise your writing! 

     Then, after you practise the new word, stick around and chat online with other friendly members just like you... ask for a recommendation for a new TV show... talk about what you’re reading... ask me (Mr. Vig) a question... or arrange to meet other members in your area. 

     But remember, there’s one very important rule inside The Practice Lounge: English Only!

PLUS I Teach You New Skills Every Month With Live Training Sessions

     Every month I’ll invite you to attend a live training.

     These are advanced trainings to give you practical skills that will improve your life, such as how to stay relaxed in a conversation... 

     How to start a conversation with a stranger... 

     How to get a better job with your English... 

     These sessions are workshops, not lectures. That means we practise the new skill right away and you can ask me questions and get my immediate feedback. 

     If you can attend live, that’s great because then you can ask questions just like if we were in the same room. But if you can’t attend live, if you’re busy that day, no problem - you can watch the recording later. 

Get All This When You Join Today

  • "Addiction Method Training."  With this 28-day quick-start video, you become a master of the Vig Method in five minutes a day and never again need schools or rules!
  • "Smart Words" daily lessons. Every day, your understanding, pronunciation and vocabulary improves in just 5-10 minutes.
  • "The Practise Lounge." Your invitation to join this exclusive private Facebook group allows you to immediately practise new words from the daily lesson.
  • Monthly Live Trainings. Every month learn new advanced English skills never taught in schools.
     Just a few months of classes at a "good" language school can cost you a small fortune.      

     If you buy my private coaching that will cost you $400 a month. (And my intensive 1-1 training is over $2,000.)

     But you won't pay anything close to that today with this special invitation. 
Less Than One Dollar A Day 
     Right now, the price to join The Society is unusually low. 

     Less than one dollar a day.

     My friends tell me I'm not charging enough. 

     But right now I'm keeping the price low so I can help as many people as possible. 

     I want to give everyone who needs better job opportunities and job security the chance to get better English at a price they can afford. 

     I can't say how long it will be available at this price, so don't miss your chance to get the best English of your life AND save money at the same time. 

"It’s amazing that a few minutes of English is enough to improve your skills. I feel it. No one can say they don’t have time for it."

Ludka Zimermanova
Bratislava, Slovakia
My 100%, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee 
     I When my students finish their first month inside The Society, I ask them these two questions: 1. What was your English level before joining my program, and 2. What is your English level now?

    Most of my graduates say their English improved between 1 and 3 levels.  

    That's why I can offer you this strong guarantee: 

    My Guarantee: If you do the program and after one month you are not able to truthfully say, "My English is better now than it has ever been", then just write my assistant, Claudia, and tell her, "I'd like a refund, please." She will immediately return your payment (Monday-Friday). 

     So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it today. 

You Are One Step Away From The Best English Of Your Life

     And now you must decide. 

     Are YOU a serious student? 

     Will you continue to use the same methods and get the same results?

     Or will you try a proven method designed for successful adults like you?

     A method that can help you remember new words, understand native speakers, feel more confident, and speak more fluently. 

     AND help you get a better job, earn more money, travel, help your family 

     I hope you join us today. Your first lesson and 28-day quick start training are just a few clicks away. 
Mr. Vig.